Status & News

Prototype Development & Testing in Process

MicroWay Mass Transit Cabin on Chassis. MegaRail

Roam’s MicroWay Mass Transit Cabin on Chassis.

Prototyping & Test Milestones
  • Steering & switching demonstrated with small-scale prototype.
  • Full-scale, full-length SuperWay built, tested & installed.
  • Full-scale MegaWay Car detailed mockup built.
  • Detailed MicroWay and MegaWay guideway designs complete.
  • Full-scale dual mode prototype MicroWay mass transit car in test.
  • Ground-level MicroWay test guideway completed and in use for full-scale prototype vehicle testing.
  • Prototype MicroWay mass transit train car designed, built, and tested.

Roam Transport has received a total of nine U.S. patents covering various aspects of the Roam Transport family of systems. Foreign patents in Europe, Australia, Korea, Japan and Canada have also been awarded. Other patents are pending. These patents have been licensed to Roam Transport Systems for exclusive use by the company and its licensees.