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High-Speed Passenger

MegaWay™ High-Speed SuperWay Service

Roam's High-Speed Inter-City SuperWay Passenger Train Service. MegaRail

Roam’s High-Speed Inter-City SuperWay Passenger Train Service.

Roam’s MegaWay Alternative to Conventional High Speed Rail

Offers 120-mph non-stop passenger, automobile & cargo service in a single system over existent highway rights of way. Roam’s high-speed MegaWay is a better and lower cost alternative to conventional HSR (High Speed Rail). MegaWay can also serve as a low-cost alternate to costly turnpike projects such as canceled Trans-Texas Corridor Plan.

  • High-speed, inter-city MegaWay can carry most inter-city passenger, cargo and automobile traffic on a single pair of small, low-cost guideways installed over interstate highway rights of way.
  • Avoids the very high cost of additional highways and railroads and right-of-way.
  • High-speed, inter-city MegaWay is low-cost, low-risk and near-term.
  • Rubber tires in enclosed rail tubes and electric propulsion for noise-free operation.
  • Electrically powered vehicles with rail-supplied power are non-polluting.
  • Heavy-duty CargoWay guideways can be added over same interstate right-of-ways to transport large trucks and containers should future need arise.
High Speed Inter-City SuperWay Passenger Train Service

Non-stop and local 120-mph passenger service with manually controlled, coupled trains that carry 10 to 13 passengers per car. Passengers are accommodated in spacious airliner-style seats in quiet, smooth-ride cars. Non-sway ride is assured by wide (7-ft) car tracks. Weather proof operation allows year-around service without delays.

Unique guideway design allows future growth to include automated coupled trains, 9-passenger non-stop group transport cars, and personal rapid transit (PRT) vehicles. These 4 to 6 passenger PRT cars can provide a 24-hour, seven-day schedule for no wait service.

Roam's CarLiner™ Car-Train Service. MegaRail

Roam’s CarLiner™ Car-Train Service.

High-Speed CarLiner™ Car-Train Service

Passengers and their private cars are transported at 120-mph on short CarLiners from origin station to destination without stops at intermediate stations as is typical of conventional trains. Passengers are accommodated in comfortable WhisperLiner™ cars for a quiet, smooth-ride. Drivers and passengers may relax, read, work, or even sleep during travel. Passengers arrive at destination cities with their own cars ready to drive to their ultimate local destinations. CarLiners allow rapid loading and unloading of cars by their drivers.

Roam's High Speed Inter-City CargoLiner™ Service. MegaRail

Roam’s High Speed Inter-City CargoLiner™ Service.

High-Speed Inter-City CargoLiner™ Service

Roam’s CargoLiners move special cargo containers with up to three tons of cargo at 120-mph in short trains, using the same SuperWay guideways as passenger and automobile service. Electric power is supplied from the guideway for refrigeration of perishable cargo. Cargo is provided a smooth ride on rubber tires operated on smooth, continuous steel rails. Containers have rapid load and unload features, may be trucked to and from terminals, can be moved and loaded with standard forklifts.

Compatible with Lower-Speed Urban and Commuter MegaWay System Guideways

All high speed MegaWay trains & vehicles are compatible and interoperable with local urban MegaWay systems. Vehicles may transition freely between local systems and inter-city systems for seamless transportation between points in one city to points in another city. High speed inter-city passenger trains can access stations at various points in a city.

System Offers Future Growth Not Possible with Expensive High-Speed Rail Systems

Roam’s MegaWay high speed system will first transition from manual control by on-board train crews to fully automated trains for reduced operating cost and more frequent service. At at later time, the system will provide individual automated passenger and cargo cars and capability for passengers to travel on a non-stop basis in the comfort of their own automobiles for faster schedules and reduced total trip times.