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Heavy Cargo

CargoWay™ Heavy Cargo Service

Containerized Roam CargoWay™ Heavy Cargo Transport Train. MegaRail

Containerized Roam CargoWay™ Heavy Cargo Transport Train.

CargoWay — Intermodal to Long Distance Cargo Transport

Roam’s CargoWay systems use a much larger SuperWay version with guideways large enough to contain large commercial truck tires. These systems are designed to transport 40-ft ocean shipping containers. The primary use is expected to be in a patented dual-mode CargoTram  version for transport of containers between seaports and railroad intermodal yards.

CargoWay guideways may also be used for long-distance heavy cargo transport via manually controlled trains or single, automated cargo carriers. Top speed is necessarily limited to 70-mph because of the increased aerodynamic drag of large containers, even when equipped with patented fold-down end caps.

Heavy Cargo Transport — Automated Cargo Service over Existent Freeway, Railroad or Pipeline Right of Ways

CargoWay Heavy Cargo systems provide automated transport of heavy sea-land cargo containers on a low-cost, elevated guideway over existent highway or railroad rights of way. Cargo moves non-stop at a constant 75-mph speed from origin terminal to destination terminal. CargoWay can transport standard 20 and 40-foot land/sea cargo containers, truck trailers, or entire over-the-road truck tractors. CargoWay provides a way to off-load heavily congested interstate highways of pavement-breaking heavy truck traffic. CargoWay offers railroads a means to greatly increase right of way use by adding CargoWay over existent railroad rights of way. Such additions do not affect current railroad uses of right of way in any manner.

Roam's CargoTram™ Dual-Mode Systems Operate both on paved Surfaces and on Superway Guideways. MegaRail

Roam’s CargoTram™ Dual-Mode Systems Operate both on paved Surfaces and on Superway Guideways.

CargoTrams and Dual Mode Capability

CargoTrams are unique, patented, dual mode systems that can operate both on paved surfaces in seaports, streets, and rail yards and on SuperWay guideways. They are powered by generators operated from CNG in the lead cars when away from the guideway and operate from rail supplied power when on the guideway. Off of the guideway, they are driven by an operator in the same manner as a large truck.  A key, patented difference is that all  wheel sets on all vehicles follow in the exact path of the lead wheels on the lead vehicle. This feature enables the long “trains” to easily navigate in the same space normally used for large trucks.

Initial Manually-Controlled CargoWay Train Capability
Manually-Controlled CargoWay Train Option. MegaRail

Manually-Controlled CargoWay Train Option.

Initial CargoWay capability can be provided using manually-controlled, trains of coupled carrier vehicles operating in precisely the same manner as current freight trains.

Future Automated Single Car Cargo Service
Future Automated Single Car Cargo Service. MegaRail

Future Automated Single Car Cargo Service.