Roam Transport is more than just mission-critical engineering and exclusive patented technology. Roam also offers a variety of services related to construction and operation of its Superway guideway systems and vehicles. Contact us for more information about our construction, operations, and design services.

Roam's MegaWay system easily installs along existing street right-of-way.

Roam Transport’s MegaWay system installed along existing street right-of-way.


Roam and its partner companies offer construction services for all elevated and ground level Superway guideways (along with all essential power and control systems) and turnkey manufacturing of Roam’s environmentally friendly, low-noise electric vehicles.


Not only can Roam design and build its patented Superway guideway systems, it can operate and maintain them on an ongoing basis, offering a one-stop solution for ground transportation of passengers and physical goods.


Beyond the models described elsewhere in this site, Roam Transport can design variants of the Superway guideway systems and vehicles for nearly any conceivable application or environment.